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Courses: 6 full courses, each with 6 lectures, 6 exercises, transcripts and work files.

Tutorials: 24 tutorials, each with 6 to 10 videos, transcripts and work files.

Videos: a total of 234 between 4 and 15 minutes long.

3D Modeling Course Contents
Courses: Intro to Modeling for Architecture Design ©Jonathan Benhamu

At 3D Jony, we design courses, tutorials, and command libraries with a laser-like focus on increasing productivity in the architectural design environment.

Whether you're in school, in the office, or freelancing, we bring cutting-edge technology to every practice. Our infallible methods fill entire halls at prestigious architecture schools, win design competitions in Switzerland, and solidify a network of independent architects worldwide.

Courses: Modeling Thought Process ©Jonathan Benhamu
Tutorial: Model Tilted Walls ©Jonathan Benhamu

To date, our videos have been viewed more than 30,000 times worldwide and an active community of about 500 architects supporting each other has been built. Their discussions and debates are actively moderated (Discord) by my team at HYTAC and 3D Jony. New courses and work processes are continuously added to this teaching tool. In 2023, one more course, five more tutorials and three discussions with experts were uploaded.In total, these are about 80 videos that help architecture students world wide to integrate technology into their architectural design processes.

Tutorials Roadmap for Students
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