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Location: Balterswil, Switzerland

Type of client: Private

Type of project: Feasibility study

Year: 2023

Plot area:  9,000 m3

Grainplan - Variant 01

Baltazar is a feasibility study of a mixed-use site in Balterswil, Switzerland. It explores the potential of the plot, regarding maximum building volume, height, and area, in two distinct variants: one that requires the division of the plot in two parts and one that doesn't. The exercise yielded two proposals for which we developed approximations of possible floor plan layouts, apartment sizes and underground parking.

Ground Floor Variant 01
2nd Floor Variant 01
Longitudinal Section Variant 01
Grainplan Variant 02
Ground Floor Variant 02
2nd. Floor Variant 02
Transversal Section - Variant 02
Street View - Variant 02
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