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Location: Basel, Switzerland

Type of client: Private

Building budget: CHF 11M.

Timeline: Preliminary study 2017, Feasibility study 2021, Preliminary project 2022, Building project 2023 - 2025

Floor area: 2,000 m2

Building volume: 5,200 m3

Situation Plan

Located on the prominent Clarastrasse street in Basel, this new construction residential building intends to bring life to this dimmed part of the neighborhood. This is to be achieved through strong greening and an inviting arrangement for a diverse public.

Claratürmli is a residential project that envisions a variety of uses, primarily as a complement to housing. Most of the building is occupied by 10 rental apartments. The top three floors, house two large, custom-designed apartments, one for each of the building’s owners. Considering the small size of the rental apartments, the first floor is meant to be a co-working space for the building’s residents. Part of the basement is a music studio and rehearse room, and the rest is a private gym for the building’s owners. The commercial area on the ground floor serves as a connection between the building and the public street.

4th Floor
1st Attic
Longitudinal Section
Staircase Concept
3D Printed Model
3D Printed Model

The facade of the building has a high percentage of glass to maximize the natural lighting of the apartments. On both sides, the terraces and balconies have built-in planters for greening. Together with the lush roof garden, this brings some natural into the private spaces and onto the street.

North elevation
South elevation
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