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Location: Lausanne, Switzerland

Type of project: Open Competition

Year: 2018

Floor area: 6,000 m2

Grain Plan

The Belvédère educational complex is a national heritage site in Lausanne that overlooks Lake Leman. Placing an annex building right in front of the original school without obstructing the view of the lake was the biggest challenge. Our proposed solution was to carefully change the height of the bar-shaped building in strategic places, ensuring the old and new buildings, as well as the exterior spaces, can profit from the magnificent landscape and a good sunlight exposure.

The floor plan layout consists of a series of classrooms facing south and a complex structure of vertically interconnected common spaces that serve also as the main circulation of the school. The school gym is located in the lower levels, and its roof serves as a continuation of the playground.

Situation Plan
Longitudinal Section
1st Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
Section - Gym
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