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Location:  St. Gallen, Switzerland

Type of client:  Private

Reference:  GP Perita AG

Timeline: Feasibility study 2021, Preliminary project 2022, Building project, 2023-2025

Floor area:  1,200 m2

Building volume:  9,200 m3

Grain Plan

The Briner® project is a renovation of an industrial warehouse of about 1,200 m² and 9,200 m³, for commercial and office purposes, following the principles of reuse and sustainability of the Campus Gallus project.

Supported by the use of new technologies such as Pointcloud and BIM, it was possible to propose a prefabricated wood construction solution that had the least possible impact on the existing building, in order to reduce construction times and minimize the possibility of unforeseen events on site.

Ground Floor
Storage area © Eduardo Tapia Duarte
Main access © Eduardo Tapia Duarte
North Elevation
South Elevation
Longitudinal Section
Cross Section
Office View
Building Element Classification - eBKP
Facade Detail
Facade Detail
Facade Detail
© Eduardo Tapia Duarte
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