Campus Gallus

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Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland

Type of client: Privat

Type of project: Feasibility study, Branding concept

Year: 2022

Plot area: 21,600 m2

Grain Plan

Starting from a very brief study of the site and existing buildings of an industrial use plot, several different projects were born: a new building project, a renovation project, and a BIM project, as well as a great work relationship with the landowners.

The most important aspect of this plot is its potential to work as a single functional unit, as a campus. That is why we proposed first a coherent distribution of uses among the existing buildings, and second, a new building on the south-east end of the plot that defines the central green area, turning it into the core of the complex.

Modular Facade
Re-use and Sustainability
©Eduardo Tapia Duarte
View of the proposed new building ©Eduardo Tapia Duarte
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