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Location:  St. Gallen, Switzerland

Type of client:  Private

Reference:  GP Perita AG

Building budget:  CHF 19 M.

Timeline: Feasibility study 2021, Preliminary project 2022, Building project 2023 - 2025

Floor area:  5,000 m2

Building volume:  21,000 m3

Grain Plan

dBoxed is the flagship building of the Campus Gallus. Part of a project to revitalize and enhance the buildings and spaces of the Gallus industrial complex, dBoxed complements the industrial activity with its office use, while also being a statement of this 21st century company focused on sustainability and technological progress.

Situation Plan

The volume and location of this building aim to create a new garden that will become the central gathering place of the campus. Therefore, dBoxed's structure, façade, internal layout and exterior spaces are oriented towards the garden to create maximum visual and spatial connection.

Ground Floor
1st Floor
Standard Floor
© Antonio Cidoncha
Cross Section
Longitudinal Section

Sustainability is a fundamental part of this project, which is why we proposed a mixed wooden and concrete structure. The characteristic external appearance of the building comes from its envelope of vertical sunshades (brise-soleil) and pergolas equipped with solar panels. They not only protect the spaces from overheating, but at the same time generate part of the building’s energy supply.

Southwest Elevation
Northwest Elevation
Roof garden © Antonio Cidoncha
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