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Location: Bern, Switzerland

Type of project: Open competition

Year:  2021

Floor area:  79,500 m2

Building volume:  280,000 m3

Grain Plan

In an underutilized urban space with a prime location, the city of Bern launched a competition for ideas to integrate heritage buildings, the Aar River, a bridge, and a park.

As the Monbijou Bridge is part of a national road that not only connects the two adjoining neighborhoods, but also connects the city of Bern with Zürich, Neuchâtel, Lausanne and Lucerne, we believe that both the intervention area and the bridge itself have a special relevance.

Situation plan

The presented project proposes a building that embraces the bridge and, at the same time, protects the park from the noise of vehicular traffic, while taking advantage of the unusual spatial quality underneath it. The rest of the program is located in new buildings along the western edge of the plot that define a series of open public spaces zigzagging along the river.

Ground floor
Longitudinal Section
Cross Section
Kindergarten and Residential ©Eduardo Tapia Duarte
3d Printed Model
Under the Bridge ©Eduardo Tapia Duarte
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