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Location: Wildhaus, Switzerland

Type of client: Private

Reference: GP Perita AG

Timeline: Preliminary study 2021, Feasibility study 2021, Preliminary building project 2021

Floor area: 11,500 m2

Building volume: 40,000 m3

Grain Plan

The most valuable characteristic of this hilly plot of land in Walkeweg, Switzerland is its beautiful view of the Alps, so when designing a new construction hotel our main focus was to maximize this asset, thus also maximizing potential profit.We achieve this by carefully placing the buildings towards the best orientation.

Restaurant © Mary Nanckel Studio
Situation Plan
1st Floor

In the hotel building, the service areas are located in the back of the semi-underground levels, in order to free up the southern facade for the studio apartments. The access level has a large lobby overseeing the hills, and the level immediately above houses the restaurant and a generous terrace. Four three-level residential buildings complete the complex.

Ground Floor
1st Basement
2nd Basement
East Elevation
Longitudinal Section
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